Sunday, January 30, 2011

This past week

This past week has been really nice.
My sister came to visit me twice.
My dad came for a week to help me out.
And my good friend Klaudia and her boys dropped by too!
I am almost 39 weeks, so you can imagine how hard it's been to leave the house.

We bought Kacper a ball tent, which he's lovin' 
38.5 week belly 
Klaudia and one of her cute boys 

Kacper trying to sneak my tea 

My dad and Kacper, cute matching shirts!

2010 in review

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Already Thinking About My Backyard Garden

I am currently obssessed about turning my boring backyard into a beautiful garden! I winter is not nearly over, but that gives me plenty of time to plan out my "Secret Garden Oasis". I have an idea of what I want, so check out the picture below...

What I really want is something like this...

... a cute little path surrounded by little trees, shrubs and flowers of all colours and shapes. I want to be able to walk this path around the backyard and hide little bird houses and surprises along the way.
I have a 14 month old and a second boy on the way, so as I plan this, I want to make it a fun place for them to grow, play and learn about nature.

Here are some other inspiring pictures I found on the net:


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