Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It was pouring the other day.
Ever since my gardening obsession, I look forward to this kind of weather!

And for some progress with my gardening...
New Asiago Grasses
I found some standing hangers and hung my old lanterns on them
I think they look cute


XOXO Aneta

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gardening (again)

I am very much into gardening and cleaning up our yard right now.
I want to get it prepped for the winter, so spring brings us some goodies.
I've been planting perennials that will hopefully return next year.
I am very new at this, so I'm learning along the way.
Here is a little about how I've gotten started (not much but it's just the beginning)...


The lavender doesn't look too nice right now,
but I'm crossing fingers it'll bloom nicely next year.
My mom brought me this lavender from her garden.


I got two more Autumn Joy's for the front.
Love them!
And I am not sure what the leaves on the right are,
but I like the deep purple they will turn in the fall.


Thinking of spraying this white so you can see it against the brick from afar.
Will like a green fern type plant that has long hanging branches or a small vine?

And now for some inspiration from my iphone and the internet...

XOXO Aneta

Friday, August 24, 2012

trip to an antique market and some gardening

we visited the 400 Antique Market in Innisfil today
i am searching for a dining room buffet and was thinking of painting an older piece white
but i didn't find one today (that was my style)
there was a lot to choose from if you love fancy antiques though

i just LOVE these
very girly
so perfect for my garden, i'll have to ask the husband for some mula!

not a fan of comics, but they looked so fun and colourful on the shelf
had to snap a picture

i'm loving these prints for a kitchen or dining room
have to find some nice frames with a white matte
i want them all and they aren't that pricey

i'm getting my garden ready for next year
planting some perennials and trying to come up with what i want
it's sooo hard, too many great gardens out there, i simply can't decide


new trampoline

this is infront of our house
i'm working on this, starting with "Autumn Joy" Sedum

XOXO Aneta

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bradford Greenhouse

I am in the process of designing two gardens at our new home in Innisfil.
Here is a look at my trip (with the little men) to the Barrie Bradford Greenhouse recently.

I actually knew I'd be here long,
so I made the boys lunch just for this store.
Who does that?

I could lay on a bed of thyme.
So pretty, soft and smells beautiful.

We were here last Easter for the Easter Egg Hunt.
This place is just filled with everything and anything.
XOXO Aneta
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