Friday, August 24, 2012

trip to an antique market and some gardening

we visited the 400 Antique Market in Innisfil today
i am searching for a dining room buffet and was thinking of painting an older piece white
but i didn't find one today (that was my style)
there was a lot to choose from if you love fancy antiques though

i just LOVE these
very girly
so perfect for my garden, i'll have to ask the husband for some mula!

not a fan of comics, but they looked so fun and colourful on the shelf
had to snap a picture

i'm loving these prints for a kitchen or dining room
have to find some nice frames with a white matte
i want them all and they aren't that pricey

i'm getting my garden ready for next year
planting some perennials and trying to come up with what i want
it's sooo hard, too many great gardens out there, i simply can't decide


new trampoline

this is infront of our house
i'm working on this, starting with "Autumn Joy" Sedum

XOXO Aneta

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