Monday, August 27, 2012

Gardening (again)

I am very much into gardening and cleaning up our yard right now.
I want to get it prepped for the winter, so spring brings us some goodies.
I've been planting perennials that will hopefully return next year.
I am very new at this, so I'm learning along the way.
Here is a little about how I've gotten started (not much but it's just the beginning)...


The lavender doesn't look too nice right now,
but I'm crossing fingers it'll bloom nicely next year.
My mom brought me this lavender from her garden.


I got two more Autumn Joy's for the front.
Love them!
And I am not sure what the leaves on the right are,
but I like the deep purple they will turn in the fall.


Thinking of spraying this white so you can see it against the brick from afar.
Will like a green fern type plant that has long hanging branches or a small vine?

And now for some inspiration from my iphone and the internet...

XOXO Aneta

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