Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY Pearl Ball

This was initially going to be one of many Christmas Tree ornaments I would create this year, but what I learned after just making one, is that it's just too heavy for a Christmas Tree.

They do look gorgeous though, so even if you're going to use only for display in a vase, or on a shelf with other white or glass decor, it just sparkles and looks very pretty!

To make your own all you need is:

  • Pearls (I used dollar store pearl necklaces)
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Pins

First step is simple; using a pin, thread the pearl and pierce the Styrofoam ball.

Using this method, you will want to surround each pearl with a series of pearls, leaving a 'mm' of space between, to allow for security. I found that if they were too tight together, then they would "pop out", or "jiggle". This is important if you want this ball to last you a long time.

And here is the finished ball.

Hope you like this quick and easy DIY project!

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