Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last camping trip of the year

We're finally home!
Had a great time camping with my family, but I surely forgot how exhausting camping is. You always think you're going there to relax and be outdoors, but really it's so much work.
It was also the first time my parents have ever gone camping together, ever! They did enjoy it, at least they said they did.
It was my baby boys' first camping trip too, although it was cheated, we slept in the car. Yes, the four of us! It was so uncomfortable to squeeze in 2 adults, an almost 2 year old and a 7 month old onto one mattress in the back of a van.
The rest of the family slept in tents, like normal campers!
Why we slept in the car... I was scared for our babies that it would be too cold... it wasn't.
It was fab!!!

Here are some of my favourite pictures...
Getting ready for fishing
Szymon loves to find edible mushrooms, it's a Polish thing
Going to see the beach at night
Gorgeous Sunset
Pumping for water
My favourite sign of fall... acorns!
 Szymon and dad playing badminton

 More pictures to come...

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