Saturday, December 3, 2011

Apple Compot for the Winter

Here is a look at how I jar my apples for the winter.
It makes for a deliciously healthy winter drink.
Just dump the jar contents in a jug and add water (I love it hot, so boiling water).
Add sugar as you like, but there is sugar in the jars already.

First and foremost you MUST sterilize the jars and jar lids. I use jars from tomatoe sauces and pickles, so they aren`t new, but even new one`s must be sterilized.

 Next (or during),  peel the apples.
 Then I core them with my apple corer, which conventiently cuts them into perfect pieces.
 Then I put them all in a huge pot of boiling water with sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Then I jar them. It is very important that the jar rim and jar lid is completely dry, so that the hot steam suction will work and close the jars completely.
 And ofcourse, what`s a homemade Apple Compot without cute covers... the first one I made was sewn by me, but then I found these cute polka dot napkins and decided to use those with some string. Cuteness!

Well I hope you find this helpful and put your apples to good use for this winter. Smacznego!

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