Friday, June 14, 2013


Friends / Koledzy

Crepes / Nalesniki

Grandma and grandpa helping us make a small vegetable garden at 6:30am, in the rain!
Kacper is still sleeping!
Babcia i dziadzio pomagaja nam zrobic ogrodek maly o 6:30 rano, w deszczu!
Kacper jeszcze spi!

New haircuts / Nowe fryzurki

I planted some more lettuce, of course it's just planted, but grandma wanted to see.

We are waiting to see what this turns into... maybe cucumbers, or squash... ??
Czekamy, bo nie wiemy co z tego wyrosnie... moze ogorki, albo jakas dynia... ??

XOXO Aneta

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